Ticket Info


Ride tickets can be purchased at the festival for $1 each, 25 tickets for $23, and 80 tickets for $70 at any Butler Amusements Ticket Booth inside the carnival areas.

Wristband Info


Unlimited Ride Wristbands will be available for $30 at the festival. Please note that it is not recommended to purchase an unlimited ride wristband for children under 36″ tall.



Min. Height: 54 inches


Vertical spinning, turning motion is a true crowd-pleaser. Featuring 12 seats each capable of holding 2-3 passengers the Zipper is a must for all adventure seekers. Spectacular programmed incandescent lighting adds to the excitement.

+1001 Nachts

Min. Height: 48 inches


1001 Nachts is a spectacular ride that whisks riders 50 feet in the air while never turning them upside down. As the gondola rotates downward, riders feel a free-fall sensation offering attendees an overview of the festival.

+ Giant Scooter


Min. Height: 54 inches


The Giant Scooter is 64 feet wide and 55 feet deep and has 20 cars. The Scooter comes with music videos and two color televisions and has a 100 amp music system. The Scooter also has a built in smoke machine which gives the ride an exciting appearance.

+Flying Bobs

Min. Height: 48 inches


Flying Bobs create the sensation of a toboggan trip through snow-covered Alps! Passengers sit, two in a tub and as the Bobs begins to turn, speed increases and the tubs literally fly up and down over the undulating mountain path. Then, the Bobs reverse for yet another thrilling ride! For teens and adults.

+Lolli Swing
Min. Height: 42 inches (36 with an adult)


Kids love candy and the Lolli Swing is no exception. This brightly colored ride has sixteen swings decorated with large swirl lollipops and lights. The centerpiece is a large clown complete with a red nose and floppy shoes.

+Mega Flip
Min. Height: 54 inches 


Soon to be a midway favorite, the Mega Flip, lifts riders high into the air, 24 at a time. As the main boom swings back and forth, the base of six groups of seats begin to spin, giving the passengers a feeling of weightlessness while they soar through the air with their feet swinging free! Brand new to Butler Amusements!

Mardi Gras
+Mardi Gras


Min. Height: 42 inches (36 with adult)


The Mardi Gras is a fun house with music and a festive atmosphere. Patrons enter through a glass maze, climb up the stairs and view yourself in distorted mirrors and exit down a spiral slide.

+The Orbiter

Min. Height: 48 inches


The Scrambler still remains a family favorite. The Scrambler has 12 seats each seat capable of holding 3 people.

+Starship 3000



Min. Height: 48 inches

Ticket cost: 4 tickets

The lights and excitement of the midway become a blur as the Starship 3000 sweeps riders off their feet with centrifugal force, creating the feeling of weightlessness.

+Kite Flyer


Min. Height: 42 inches


An unusual amusement ride where, instead of sitting, passengers lie horizontally within the frame of colorful gliders. After riders are buckled in, the ride begins to turn and then rises in the air for a thrilling, soaring sensation before gently gliding back to ‘Earth’.

+Quad Runner


Min. Height: 36-54 inches


The Quad Runner is great for first time riders. Souped-up 4-wheelers seat two children each and travel in a circle while shaded under a giant umbrella.

+Eagle 16


Min. Height: 48 inches (42 with adult)


The Eagle 16 wheel provides a breathtaking 60 feet high view overlooking the midway. Featuring 16, 2 adult 3 children seats. An all time family favorite. The Eagle 16 is larger than the traditional Ferris Wheel with a spectacular turbolite lighting sequence.

+The Vertigo


Min. Height: 48 inches


A 100 foot tall tower twists in a circular motion allowing riders to enjoy a whirling sensation as the entire center track lifts up slowly to the top.

+Tommy Kangaroo


Min. Height: 36 inches (32 with and adult)


Experience the graceful, gentle ride of a baby kangaroo carried in the safety of his mother’s pouch. Four Kangaroos welcome children and parents aboard for a smooth ride. Passengers sit inside each kangaroo and as the ride turns, each kangaroo slowly revolves as well.

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